Build Your First Value Curve (35 minutes)

Hosted by Paul Szews 



Speak directly to executive leaders with a powerful visual that becomes the centerpiece for your proposal..


Grow your credibility with decision-makers by focusing your proposal on the strategic business outcome.


Prepare to confidently defend your proposal as you complete the 4 business case assumptions that drive your Value Curve. 

Technology is exciting, don’t get me wrong.

But according to both McKinsey and Gartner, hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted recently on AI/ML initiatives in the last few years.

According to both McKinsey and Gartner,

 “50% of all Fortune 1000 AI/ML initiatives have been reported as boondoggles.”

A great way to avoid a boondoggle is to start with a business case that's all about the business outcome (instead of the technology outcome) -- and prepare to tell the value story of your technology investment idea in terms of business benefits that impact the income statement, the balance sheet, or both.

The Value Curve

The Value Curve is a powerful visual that becomes the centerpiece for your investment value story, and that speaks directly executive leadership.

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