So you’d like to be a Value Hero?

And scale innovation? And get your technology solution proposals approved and funded? Gain early consensus on financial value metrics? Put value communication on auto pilot?

Your first step? Go ahead and grab my free Value Hero Reading List PDF.  It’s a list of the 7 books that you should read ASAP!

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What's this "framework"?

The Digital Investment Framework for You (DIFY) is a visual framework for thinking about, talking about, and communicating progress and value around Digital Investments.

When I say "Digital Investments", I mean investments in technology solutions that deliver financial business outcomes that can be measured on the income statement, the balance sheet, or both!

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I think I know what you're dealing with.


Competition for IT budgets is tougher than ever. Executive sponsors are asking for stronger proof of value. And proper business cases take way too long to research, build, socialize and pitch.

What if writing the business case for your next funding request was as easy as snapping together a Lego kit?

Let me share with you the “The 12 Building Blocks of the Snap-Together Business Case". This model makes business cases quick to assemble and ensures that they resonate with the executive leadership team. And that increases the chances that your proposal will get approved and funded!

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You have 3 seconds to get their attention.

There is a language barrier between IT and the C-Suite, and the reality is that IT needs to learn to speak in “C-Suite”.

And by the way, most of the time you only have 3 seconds to get your message across.

The right picture communicates your message in those 3 seconds.

The next time you pitch a technology investment, make sure that you lead with a picture that communicates the investment benefits in 3 seconds.

Join me in in my next “Build Your First Value Curve” free training session, where I will teach you how to a build a picture that communicates the benefits of your technology investment idea to your C-Suite… in just 3 seconds.

Because as they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

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